Music enriches our daily lives

Even though you are used to a lot of nowadays artificial sound and noise and whether you mind or not they stress you out. To make improvement to this and to relax being free of those noise, we thought we needed a superior musical space. The sound of breeze through trees and leaves, chirp and warble of birds, and the time of you listening to your favourite music as much as you want…we’ve figured out how important this kind of moment was. Sound has special power that impresses you and gives you energy and hope for tomorrow and for your creativity. We are more than happy if you find some experiences or discoveries that makes your life a little bit more enriched.

  • 湖畔遊の音空間
  • 湖畔遊の音空間
  • 湖畔遊の音空間
  • 湖畔遊の音空間

Our sound system

We value meanings of sound system itself and of its makers-the story behind makers and their products.


Western Electric

It’s the American Western Electric that audio enthusiast reach at last (also known as WE). It is said that WE is the only one of audio industries before World wars, and is a start of every audio system. Also, it is a brand that is affiliated with Edison. Its development capability and technology were so eminent that reigned American Continent as an enormous electrical equipment industry by being a well-known brand of American military equipment and playing-film-equipment. It also acquired patents on almost all of telecommunication system and audio system. Especially in the audio field, it was in charge of all tasks including development that related to the sound -from recording to playing sound and producing at the theatre of Hollywood movies during its golden age. With source of those ample funds, Western Electric pursued the best sound in the world using a lot of natural materials and not sparing of money on anything from one cable to powerful speakers. The audio that was born in the dreamlike golden age still gives us the best sound without declining.



WE300B is a vacuum tube published in 1938, also known as a fanatical vacuum tube. It is said that WE300B is the greatest of vacuum tubes in history in every point like sound and lifespan. What we have at Kohanyu is WE300B made in 1972 placed on the main amplifier called U・BROS-300 of UESUGI. Its strings fill the room with crystal-clear harmony.
WE300B is a fanatical vacuum tube published in 1938 and it is said that WE300B is the best in the history in everything including sound and its lifespan. What we have at Kohanyu is WE300B made in 1972 and placed on a main amplifier called U・BROS-300 of UESUGI. The crystal-clear harmony of strings is so beautiful and it spreads all over the room. Especially the voice of the vocal sounds like as if he/she was singing right in front of you, so you will have a breath-taking moment of being at a concert of artists of all over the world.



Our sound system at restaurant is mainly Western Electric’s. It was invented in 1940, during a golden age in the United States, and is a power amplifier of WE124 made in genuine Western Electric with the generating power of 12 watts. It is also a push-pull vacuum tube amplifier of famous 350B of Western Electric.
This amp is exquisite that it is said that it has a power to inspire and move listeners hearts with detailed and powerful sound. And for speakers, we chose JBL375, a direct affiliate of WE594. It is also famous for the late Mr. Okihiko Kanno who was an audio critic used to treasure it as a reference during his lifetime. And it has the best match with WE124. They reproduce the sound that is abound with a sense of reality that you almost feel the body temperature of artists.

  • 湖畔遊の音響設備
  • 湖畔遊の音響設備
  • 湖畔遊の音響設備
  • 湖畔遊の音響設備

Sound System

■Restaurant Sound System

Medium and high power amplifier
Western Electric 124
Vacuum tube
Western Electric 350B made in 1958
Western Electric 274B carved
Low power amplifier
Mcintosh MC352
Mark Levinson No.26L
Channel divider


Woofer: JBL2220B
Driver: JBL375
Tweeter: JBL2405
Enclosure: JBL4550

■300B room Sound System

Vacuum tube
Western Electric 300B made in 1972
Power amplifier
CD player


Woofer: ALTEC 416A
Driver: ALTEC 288-16G
Network: ALTEC N-500F
Enclosure: ALTEC 825