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After all, natural things are the most delicious food

The main ingredient of dishes at Kohanyu is organically grown vegetables at our garden. Our Okami(proprietor) who is a vegetable sommelier carefully choses ingredients such as locally grown organic rice. And we make broth everyday from dehydrated bonito flakes, kelps and Jako (baby sardines). And we offer varying dishes as the season changes and what we harvest changes.

  • 自家栽培の野菜
    Organically grown vegetables at our garden

    Broth made of S¬¬oda-bushi (dehydrated bonito flakes) produced in Kochi, kelps from Hokkaido and Jako from Seto inland sea.
  • 玄米ごはん


    Organic brown rice
  • 湖畔遊の料理


    A piece of pumpkin cake and organic coffee
  • 100%生ジュース


    100% fruit and vegetable juice



Enjoying the scenery and music to the full

It’s the scenery over the lake that adds some gorgeous material to the dish. Once you get out to the terrace, the sound of trees rustling in the comfortable breeze brings you to the peaceful moment. Although it is not a gasping magnificent view, it is definitely a tranquil view that makes you relaxed automatically. And one more of the joy at Kohanyu is the music at the restaurant. The authentic sound system is the special thing that you can experience only here at Kohanyu which is very particular about the sound.

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