A special day at lakeside

We offer a true comfort by making feeling at one with nature important. We have terrace all facing the lake in each room. You can get a view of the whole terrific scenery through the seasons. What is more, there is a private hot spring bath in each room which you can enjoy 100% pure hot spring anytime you want. Please spend an abundant time as you are feeling the dynamical scenery of the lakeside.

Guest room

Only two groups a day, we offer premium rooms that you will get extraordinary experiences.


Breakfast is included in hotel charges
Dinner(full-course meal) needs to be booked beforehand


About the dinner (full-course meal) for guests

The basis of our creative and unique dishes while considering traditional ways of cooking important is organic and fresh vegetables from our garden. Eating local products in where they grow, namely “The taste of local products” is what we cherish about. We care for the locally produced ingredients, and we make delicious and nourishing dishes by using only natural seasoning such as S¬¬ouda-bushi (one kind of dehydrated bonito flakes), kelp, and Jako (baby sardine) as broth.

In our full-course meal, we make the great use of the fresh vegetables we harvest in that day so that you can enjoy dishes that bring out the taste of the ingredients. We set the significance in the thought of “The food that makes you feel happy from deep inside, and that you can eat just at Kohanyu”.

The full-course meal (dinner) is only for guests who made a reservation, so please let us know when you book the room.

14,300 yen (tax-exclusive price) per person

Using vegetables and edible wild plants mainly, with products from the pacific ocean and Tosa Akaushi (beef) steak

Satoyama Kaiseki
6,000 yen (tax-exclusive price) per person

This is a vegetable cooking course that focuses on vegetables grown in the vegetable garden.

  • コース料理
  • コース料理
  • コース料理
  • コース料理

※Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to stay.